Cosmos™ CMS

A lightweight and powerful solution for website management and maintenance.

We first developed Cosmos in response to client requirements and a lack of affordable, user friendly content management solutions. It's power lies in it's ability to be both an off-she-shelf solution and also completely customisable. Over the years we have built a range of "plug-ins" including Google Maps and FormBuilder.  

As developers we can add functionality as required to the base system to provide the client everything they want - no compromises or shoehorning. Notably Alternative Flooring is powered by Cosmos with it's unique RugBuilder built as an extension.

You can read more about Cosmos on our dedicated site, or get in touch for more information.

"Just a little message to say how much I LOVE Cosmos. What a simple, but powerful CMS!" - Andrew Keates, Arion Productions Ltd

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Cosmos™ <span>CMS</span>
Cosmos™ <span>CMS</span>
Cosmos™ <span>CMS</span>